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Starters - Salads - Main menu - Desserts



*Garlic bread.

*Garlic bread & cheese.

*Garlic bread (with Feta cheese tomato & oregano).

*Bread, butter & olives.

*Pita bread.

*Tzatziki & Pita bread.




*Onion rings.

*Garlic mushrooms.

*Dolmades (stuffed vine leaves).

*Giant beans.

*Fresh vegetables.


*Spring rolls.

*Saganaki (fried cheese).

*Oven baked Feta cheese.

*Village sausage.


*Fried meatballs.

*Meatballs in red sauce.

*Shrimp saganaki.

*Mussel saganaki.

*Fried squid (Kalamari).

*Fried white bait (Gavros).

*Meze Onasis (Sausage, bacon, Feta cheese in tomato sauce whit bread).

*Tomato or Chicken soup

(With bread & butter).


*Greek salad.

*Chicken salad (Lettuce, cucumber, tomato, chicken, corn & mayo).

*Tuna salad (Lettuce, cumcumber, tomato, onion, tuna & mayo).

*Prawn Salad (Lettuce, cumcumber, tomato, shrimps, prawns & chef's sauce).

*Mexican salad (Cumcumber, tomato, onion, red beans, corn, red peppers, oil, lemon & vinegar).

*Tomato & Cumcumber.

*Caesar's salad (Lettuce, chicken, cheeese, crouton & caesar's sauce).

*Chef's salad (Lettuce, cumcumber, tomato, ham, cheese, egg & chef's sauce).

*Orange salad (Lettuce, orange, walnuts, parmesan, oil, balsamic & cranberries).

*Woody's salad (Cabbage, carrot, pear, walnuts, olive oil, vinegar & soya sauce).

Plates for 2

Vegetarian Meze

*Tzatziki with pita bread, olives, taramosalata, houmous, stuffed vine leaves, giant beans, tomato, cumcumber, jacket potato with feta cheese, tomato, olive oil, onion rings & boiled egg.

Woody's Meze

*Village sausages, fried meatballs, pita bread, roast potatoes, fried pork in mustard sauce, beef in tomato sauce and a small Greek salad.


Mix Sea food for 2

*Fried squid (Kalamari), white bait, sword fish and prawns with boiled potatoes, salad & small Greek salad.

Mixed grill for 2

*2 chicken souvlaki, 2 pork souvlaki, 2 lamb chops, 4 spare ribs, 2 beef burger, village sausage, tzatziki, pita bread, chips & small Greek salad.


Greek Cuisine

*Moussaka (Layers of mince meat, aubergines, potatoes, topped with creamy bechamel sauce).

*Vegetarian Moussaka.

*Stifado (Beef with small whole onions in a delicious tomato sauce, served with roast potatoes).

*Sofrito (Beef cooked in garlic sauce, served with rice & chips).

*Roast Lamb (Boneless lamb cooked in the oven with roast potatoes).

*Garlic Lamb (Roast lamb with garlic gravy, served with roast potatoes).

*Kleftiko (Lamb, potatoes, Feta cheese & vegetables in white wine sauce).

*Kokkinisto (Chunks of beef cooked in tomato sauce & served with roast potatoes).

*Pastitsada (Chunks of beef cooked in tomato sauce & served with spaghetti)

*Spetsofai (Sausages cooked with onions, green& red peppers in spicy tomato sauce served with roast potatoes).

*Fried meatballs (Served with chips & salad).

*Meatballs in red sauce ( Served with chips & rice or spaghetti).

*Tigania (Fried pork strips, onions, green & red peppers cooked in a wine & mustard sauce, served with roast potatoes).

*Greek style Paella (Prawns, mussels, chicken, ham, sausage, rice & tomato sauce).

(All our dishes can be served with boiled potatoes or rice, or chips, or vegetables. Please ask the waiter)

From the Grill

*Chicken fillet (Served with chips, pita bread & tzatziki).

*Chicken fillet Hoffman ( Stuffed with cheese, ham & tomato, served with chips).

*Chicken fillet with mushroom ala creme (Served with chips).

*Mexican chicken fillet (With red & green peppers, onion, tomato sauce & chili, served with chips).

*Oscars chicken fillet (With onions, garlic, rokfor cheese, red wine & cream, served with chips).

*Chicken kebab (Souvlaki) (Served with chips, pita bread & tzatziki).

*Exotic chicken kebab (Souvlaki) (With pineapple & bacon, served with chips, pita bread & tzatziki).

*Pork kebab (Souvlaki) (Served with chips, pita bread & tzatziki).

*Pork chop (Served with chips, pita bread & tzatziki).

*Garlic pork chop (Fresh garlic in gravy sauce, served with chips).

*Pork chop with onions & mushrooms (In wine suace, served with chips).

*BBQ Spare ribs ( Served with chips).

*Gammon steak (Served with egg or pineapple, chips & peas).

*Lamb chops (Served with chips, pita bread & tzatziki).

*Beef burger (Served with chips, pita bread & tzatziki).

*Mix Grill (Chicken souvlaki, pork souvlaki, spare ribs, lamb chop, sausage & beef burger,Served with chips, pita bread & tzatziki).

(All our dishes can be served with roast potatoes or rice. Please ask the waiter)

International Cuisine - Spaghetti - Pizza

International Cuisine

*Chili con carne (with rice & Tortilla).

*Chicken curry (With rice & Pita bread).

*Chicken tikka massala (With rice & Pita bread).

*Chicken sweet and sour (With rice & Vegetables).

*Pork schnitzel (With mushrooms ala cream, chips & salad).

*Stuffed pork schnitzel (With ham & Cheese with chips & salad).


*Bolognese Napoliten.

*Carbonara (Cheese, ham, bacon, mushrooms & cream sauce).

*Vegetarian (Onions, peppers, mushrooms, peas, carrots & red sauce).

*Ala Diavolo ( Bacon, mushrooms, onion, garlic, chilli & tomato sauce).

*Special (Greek sausage, Feta cheese, olives, onion & tomato sauce).

*Seafood 1 (Prawns, shrimps, mussels & red sauce).

*Seafood 2 (Prawns, brandy & cream sauce).




*Cheese & Bacon.

*Cheese, Ham & Pineapple.

*Special (Cheese, bacon, ham, mushrooms & onions).

*Ala Greca (Pepperoni,Feta chees, olive, onion, peppers & tomato).

*Mexican (Cheese, chicken, corn, onion, peppers & chilli).


Steaks and Seafood


*Steak Diana (with mushrooms, onion & cream sauce).

*Bourbon Steak (With sauted onions, mushrooms & Jack Daniels sauce).

*Mexican Steak (With red & green peppers, onion, tomato sauce & chilli).

*Oscar Steak (With onions, garlic, rokfor cheese, red wine & cream).

*Garlic Steak.

*Pepper Steak.

*Woody's Steak (With peppers, onions, mushrooms, cheese & cream ..... delicious).

*Grilled Steak.

*Grilled T-Bone Steak (500 gr)

All served with potatoes or chips and vegetables

All our seafood served with boiled potatoes and salad


*Fish, Chips & Peas.

*Freid Squid.

*Grilled Swordfish (Kalamari).

*Grilled Tiger Prawns.

*Prawns in Garlic Sauce.

*Sea Bream (400-500 gr).

*Sea Bass (400-500 gr).


*Apple pie & Ice cream.

*Walnut cake & Ice cream.

*Baklavas & Ice cream.

*Chocolate brownie & Ice cream.

*Lemon Pie.

*Fresh fruit salad.

*Chocolate & Banana Crepe.

*Lemon & Sugar Crepe.

*Crepe with Ice cream.

*Crepe of your choice..........

Sunday Roast Served 1:00 pm - 9:00 pm.

Your choice of tender, roast beef, lamb or chicken served with roast or mashed potatoes, yorkshire puddings, fresh vegetable, gravy & horse radish or mint sauce.

To avoid disappointment please book early!!!

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